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With Love, For Your Website

Your website is the face of your brand which makes it a priority for you to get it right! The most important elements of a good website are valuable content, good organization, and attractive design. Keep your site simple and well organized. Here are some tips for you to make it worth exploring by your customers.  

The Home Page

The home page is the first impression of your brand. And undoubtedly one of the most important web pages. People generally decide within 3 seconds if they want to scroll or scram, based purely on the home page design.

The home page’s purpose is to help the target audience know your business. Hence some key pointers or your USP works best on this page. DON’T try and say everything on the same page. This is the most common mistake which has been witnessed. You have plenty of opportunities throughout the rest of the site to explain what all you do, so don’t feel you have to say it all on the front cover.

Design your website keep mobile experience in mind

Today’s generation is more about comfort, their behavior is to search for things on mobile phones instead of opening a laptop. As a matter of fact, from 2016 mobile internet usage has surpassed desktop, tipping the scales 51.2 percent for mobile to 48.7 percent for desktop. 

Hence, all of your site visitors should be able to enjoy your website at its very best, no matter the device they’re browsing. DGH can create a mobile-friendly version of your site, so that you can keep pace with the increasingly ‘mobile’ world.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and test out every page, user action, and button.

Your mobile website should be cleaner and less cluttered than your desktop version, so consider minimizing page elements and scaling down some assets, like the menu. There are also unique mobile features that you can use to boost your mobile design. 

Also, note that Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites over those that are not in mobile search results. 

Create easy to read website content

The design itself can not sell, the content is its ammunition. The content of your website should always begin with proper market research and its ‘Readability’ measures how easy it is for people to recognize words, sentences, and phrases. 

A website is successful when it has clear, relevant, and keyword-rich content that delivers the right message with authority and persuasion. The content on your website should target your audience, engage them, and convince them to take action.

Make it about them

Make your website about your clients and customers. Communicate the value of your services in ways that will resonate with them. Use case studies, success stories, and examples of how you have helped solve their problems. Avoid the natural inclination to make your website about you. You need to tell your future clients what you’ve accomplished till now.  

Make it easy to navigate

Limit your top-level navigation menu to five clearly labeled tabs with related pages organized under them. You should also have a clear way to get back to the home page no matter where your readers land. Very often, a search can take your reader to a page other than the home page.

Search engine optimization.

It is vital that your site is on page 1 of Google BUT it must be for the right keywords. Make sure you spend time researching the most relevant keywords for you.

You need to think about the best ways to convert Google positioning into sales. An intelligent SEO strategy can transform the conversion rate of a website.

Your website, and especially your home page, must correlate strongly and immediately with your targeted list of keywords.

Landing pages must be thought out to promote your USPs and explain what you do in relation to your targeted keywords.

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