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Shopping on Social Media: Take the easy way!

There have been many revolutions in the e-commerce industry over time. Recently, social media platforms have dipped their toes into e-commerce as well; Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest have all jumped into the social commerce game in one form or another.

Do you know that an average person will spend more than five years of their lives just on social media?

With the rise of commercial opportunities like Facebook Marketplace, Instagram Shop Now feature or Pinterest pins which allows people to sell and advertise their personal items without getting much into the technicalities of platforms like Amazon or Flipkart; social media is also creating peer-to-peer communities of buyers and sellers.

If you go onto Facebook you will find a lot of selling pages (I’m a member of quite a few!) and Facebook has picked up on this and decided to make a marketplace for their users to make the whole process easier and more appealing.

Within the Facebook app, at the bottom, there is an icon named ‘Marketplace’. If you click onto that it will show you what is for sale locally to you (if your location is enabled within your settings).

Once you have clicked on this, you are in the Marketplace!

A massive plus with using Facebook Marketplace is that there are zero fees. If you want to sell on somewhere like eBay, you will have to pay listing fees, postage fees, and PayPal fees. That is quite a lot to have to pay!

Have you seen Instagram shoppable posts?

The shop now buttons on the Instagram is the new sensation in the town. If you tap the Shop Now button, it takes you directly to the company website for the corresponding product where they can add the item directly to the shopping cart and check out. Now that’s what we are loving about Instagram!

In case you don’t know about this, if you have the product feature enabled on your account, you’ll find the option to tag products on the screen where you normally add your caption and other information which makes your products more visible.

The entire process of viewing a product within Instagram and proceeding to purchase is seamless for the customer. The transaction, however, is completed outside the Instagram app directly on the company’s website.

Pinterest is a visual social media platform for digital scrapbooking combined with an online wish list. If you’re not using this platform to market your products or services, you’re missing out. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., Pinterest is all about “Focus” and “interest”.

It is an established fact that Pinterest is uniquely friendly to e-commerce. People on Pinterest “Pin” images or videos. A Pin here is an equivalent of a post or a tweet,  it is how you communicate on this social site. If someone is browsing your boards and finds a must-have product having a one-click ease to find it on your shop/site, and buy becomes very important. All you have to do is add a link to that product in the pin description! It is simple, creative, artistic, and gives rich dividends- what else do you want? So, get started and have fun “Pinning it”.

There’s no denying the fact that social media is playing a big part in e-commerce like the same way it has been playing in our lives for the past several. Feel free to share your thoughts on which social platforms you use for buying or selling or would like to use.

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