Most influential hashtags that led to a change in the world

First used on Twitter, it was the least used key on the keyboard.  Yes!! we are talking about Hashtags.  Hashtags are everywhere nowadays and not just limited to holding their place in the race of the latest trends but a medium for people to present their opinions on politics, crime, culture, religion, society, and what not. Apart from opinions, hashtags have empowered people to bring change to the world. Whether it’s an online conversation or raising your voice, hashtags are mandatory. Period!!

Here are the most influential hashtags which revolutionized the way people express themselves which led to a movement almost all around the world – 


It originated soon after a post on Facebook about the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in 2012. The hashtag led to a civil rights movement in The USA.  It again highlighted the year 2020, post killing of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police officer, due to which the global George Floyd protest took place in 2020. The movement was joined by more than 15 million people in The USA, marking it as the largest movement in the history of the country. 


This is one Twitter hashtag that gave women a voice and a medium to share their stories of struggle caused due to sexual harassment/assault at the workplace, public places etc.  It got popular and gained media attention in October 2017. This encouraged not only women but men as well to talk about their experiences and story of survival. The actual agenda was to spread awareness and involve the suppressed individuals of our society but it also attracted a movement that is still helping people to come out and talk about it. 


 When a 15-year-old girl, Greta Thunberg protested against the Swedish government for not paying attention to the climate crisis that began in August 2018, #fridaysforfuture caught the world’s attention. 

Beginning from September 8, Greta decided to go on a continuous strike every Friday until the Swedish Government work in line with The Paris Agreement. Since then,  #fridaysforfuture spread like fire in the forest and led to a worldwide movement joined by many students and adults. 


This hashtag came into existence after an initiative taken by the United Nations in 2014, hosted by Emma Watson, Ambassador of UN women’s goodwill. Through her speech, she shared her beliefs on feminism and how the involvement of men and boys can promote gender equality.  This broke many taboos in the name of gender equality like equal pay, equal opportunity, etc. and now women are getting the rights they reserve breaking the barriers of patriarchy. 

Wrap up:

An idea, a brave step taken by an individual turned the tables for the suppressed, victimized, and discriminated and empowered them. It made some of the strongest organizations leave an impact on policies and decisions made by them.   All the hashtags meant for awareness, bound the people across the world to express their feelings and share stories, as a result, helped them live a brighter future. 

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