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Know Your Marketing Strategy – Part 2

Welcome to the second part of our “Know Your Marketing Strategy” series wherein we help you understand the plethora of ways in which brands across the globe tell their story to their target audience. In the previous blog, we covered Above The Line Marketing,  Below The Line Marketing, Account Based Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and Affinity Marketing.

Additionally, here are the next set of interesting marketing strategies that are especially used in the digital space:

1. Viral Marketing

Remember Rahul Dravid’s “Indranagar Ka Gunda” stunt on CRED’s marketing campaign? In Just three weeks, it garnered 3.3 million views! Making the marketing message to spread rapidly on social media is what Viral Marketing is known for. This accomplishes one of the main objectives of marketing –  increasing brand awareness.

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2. User Generated Marketing

A strategy that allows consumers to participate in the marketing campaigns, in the process, generating content for the business is what is known as User Generated Marketing. User-generated content includes images, videos, text, and audio posted on social media platforms which can make a positive impact on consumers influencing their decision. Apple had started the #ShotOniPhone campaign to create awareness around iPhone’s stunning camera quality. Over the years, the campaign has become a movement in itself, with the hashtag becoming a mark of pride.

Image Source: Instagram

3. Communal Marketing

In Communal Marketing, business uses client testimonials or customer stories related to their product/services. The main objective is to build a bond of trust with the target audience and using real-life case studies has a huge impact. Country delight, a farm-fresh milk brand, incorporates customer reviews in its marketing campaign which has garnered a lot of attention in its target audience.

4. Sports Marketing

Sports marketing involves businesses partnering with sports teams or events for the promotion of products/services. We all have heard about the VIVO IPL haven’t we? Now that’s a classic example of sports marketing. This not only gives the brand a great audience reach but also helps them build trust because people, in general, are emotionally invested in their favorite sport.

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5. Offensive Marketing

This strategy is mostly incorporated by brands to attack their rivals by showcasing how their products/services are a no match to the said brand’s offerings. The age-old rivalry between Samsung and Apple is the best example of Offensive Marketing. This video says it all…

Hope you enjoyed the bite-sized content, stay tuned for the upcoming blogs! Need help in skyrocketing your marketing efforts? Managing your online presence has become a challenge? We might just be the team you are looking for – Let’s Talk!

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