Know Your Marketing Strategy

Know Your Marketing Strategy – Part 1

With the rise in channels and ways to connect with people increases, the marketing strategies also keep increasing and evolving. This series of blogs would help you understand the plethora of ways, brands tell their story to their target audience. But the underlying factor of all these strategies remains the same – for businesses to connect with their target audience & guide them in their purchase decision journey!

Many of these strategies are quite similar to each other and sometimes used in conjunction with one another. So let’s grab a cup of coffee and enjoy reading these interesting marketing methods one by one:

1. Above The Line Marketing (ATL)

Above The Line Marketing uses traditional media channels to reach out to the audience with the marketing message of the brand. Think about TV advertisements, radio campaigns, newspaper ads, etc. ATL is a popular strategy because of its massive reach capability and is mostly used for brand awareness.

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2. Below The Line Marketing (BTL)

In BTL marketing products and services are promoted by the brand using channels other than mainstream media like TV ads, radio etc. Think of Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Trade Shows, etc. It is basically used for targeting a certain group of audience in a focused manner, the effort is more towards conversion than brand awareness.

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3. Account Based Marketing (ABM)

This is mainly used in a B2B environment where the target audience of the business consists of other businesses (Account). This strategy uses marketing campaigns targeted towards the pain points and needs that are unique to each specific account. The Idea is to understand where the individual accounts are in their purchase journey and assist them with the right kind of content and messaging framework.

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4. Affiliate Marketing

Simply put, affiliate marketing involves promotion of the brand’s products/services by other people for commission on each sale made by them. For this, brands generally collaborate with “influencers” who tend to have a massive fan following. The idea is to increase reach among the target audience with a focus to maximize sales.

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5. Affinity Marketing

This is somewhat similar to Affiliate Marketing but in a B2B environment. In Affinity Marketing, one business partners with another business to supply goods or services in exchange for access to the customer base of the other business. Think of banks partnering with E-Commerce giants like Amazon to provide special credit cards! The bank gets to target customer base of Amazon with their credit card while Amazon attracts more customers to purchase from it’s platforms by offering discounts to those using that specific credit card!

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Hope you enjoyed the bite-sized content, stay tuned for the upcoming blogs! Need help in skyrocketing your marketing efforts? Managing your online presence has become a challenge? We might just be the team you are looking for – Let’s Talk!

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