Digital Marketing Strategies part 3

Know Your Marketing Strategy – 3

Here is the third edition of our “Know Your Marketing Strategy” series wherein we help you understand the plethora of ways in which brands across the globe tell their story to their target audience. In the previous blog, we covered Viral Marketing, User Generated Marketing, Communal Marketing, Sports Marketing, and Offensive Marketing.

Here are the next set of interesting marketing strategies that are especially used in the digital space:

1. Green Marketing

The adoption of Green Marketing strategy has been rising quite recently since it involves projecting the brand/product as “eco friendly”! Given the recent push for saving the planet, brands have started showcasing how their products are environmentally friendly. The creative below from Neemans (a sustainable shoe brand) is a great example of Green Marketing.


2. Left Brain Marketing

This strategy involves using a logical and analytical approach to appeal to the target audience. Left-brain marketing values logic over creativity. Sprite ads a great a example of Left Brain Marketing. Their tagline “Sprite Bujhaye Pyaas, Baaki All Bakwaas” (Sprite quenches thirst, rest are all façade) shows a clear logical reasoning behind consuming their product.

Source : Google

3. Flanking Marketing

This strategy is majorly used by brands to showcase their superiority with respect to the competitor brand. This is mainly done to displace the competitor and capture their existing market share. A perfect example would be the Xaiomi vs One Plus banner ad below.

Source: Google

4. Evangelism Marketing

Evangelism Marketing is basically “Word of Mouth Marketing” on steroids! This happens with brands that develop strong customer relationships due to superior product quality and after sales services that the customers start advocating for them.

5. Cross Media Marketing

Also known as Multichannel Marketing, this strategy involves showing the brand message across different channels that the target audience uses. The idea is to pop the brand name in front of the potential customer daily, regardless of the media channel he/she uses. Retargeting ads solve this purpose – now you know why you keep viewing the ad of your favorite shoes you just checked out on the e-commerce store a couple of weeks ago 🙂

Source: Google

Which one of these strategies do you use for your brand/company? Let us know in the comments!

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