Key Instagram Metrics

Key Metrics That Matter To Your Instagram Growth!

Analytics is the second half of your marketing strategy when it comes to Instagram growth (the first one being posting relevant content). For this, tracking the right metrics is crucial for maximizing your marketing efforts!

So what are the most important metrics that you should be tracking for your Instagram marketing success?

The infographics below will surely answer your queries:


The explanation of key metrics for overall profile growth are as follows:

  • Reach: It measures the unique number of users who have viewed your instagram content (photos, reels, carousel, story, videos or IGTV)
  • Impressions: The total number of times your content has been displayed is what is known as Impressions.
  • Followers Growth: Definitely an important metric to capture! It shows the ratio between the number of followers gained vs followers lost during a particular time period.
  • Average Engagement Rate Per Post By Followers: This metric is calculated by the dividing the average engagement by the number of followers the page has and multiplying everything by 100. For formula lovers, that would be:

(Average Engagement/No. Of Followers) * 100

The marketing approach surely differs from brand to brand! But knowing the key elements that you can track, is the starting point for any effective marketing strategy. Let us know which metrics are a part of your marketing campaign.

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