Instagram Reels For Business

Instagram Reels For Business: Everything You Need To Know!

What are Instagram Reels? How to create one? Why is it Reel(evant) for business growth? Read along to know more on how Instagram Reels is something you can Reel(y) on!

What Are Instagram Reels?

Reels are the latest short video creation feature launched by Instagram which has taken the Instagram community by storm! Reels has opened a doorway for content creators and businesses to use short 15 seconds and 30 seconds video content to engage with their audience. Like Stories, Reels can be shot directly from the app or can be prerecorded and uploaded!

You can watch reels by tapping on the dedicated “Reels” icon at the bottom or you’ll find featured reels in the age-old “Explore” option.

For creating a Reel, tap on the plus icon on the top (see the screenshot below) and tap on the “REELS” option to record or upload a reel.

You’ll see something like this….

Here’s what all the options mean in the Reels home screen:

  1. Camera Settings – Minor settings related to your camera.
  2. Video Length – Choose between 15 seconds or 30 seconds video length.
  3. Add Music – Choose the background music for your video. You can skip this if your video already has a voiceover.
  4. Video speed – Change the video play speed (1x, 2x, 3x, 0.5x, 0.3x)
  5. Touch Up – Control the beautify effect in the video.
  6. Video Layout – Option to split the video horizontally or vertically.
  7. Self timer – To record videos hands free.
  8. Camera effects – Add various filters in the video.
  9. Start Recording – Tap to start recording video.
  10. Gallery – Upload pre recorded videos from your gallery
  11. Flip Camera – Switch between front and back camera.
  12. Exit Reels – Cancel the project you are currently working on.
  13. Flash – Option to use Flash for recording videos (Who uses this anyway?)

How To Create A Reel?

Instagram gives you an option to record a Reel directly from the app or upload a pre-recorded video as a Reel. You can choose a pre-recorded & edited video from your gallery as shown below:

Select the length of the video you want to post as Reels.

Tap on the Add Music option and select the audio you want to add to your video. (Pro Tip: You can explore other viral reels and see the audio they are using for their videos which can be saved & used for your videos!)

Select the portion of the audio you want to add.

The video is almost done! You can go ahead and post it with a relevant caption and hashtags. However, In case you want to add some texts, tap on the center of the screen and write the text you want to add to the video.

For realigning the text, tap and hold the text and place it where you want. For selecting the portion of the video where you want that text to show up, use the slider at the bottom.

The video is now ready to post! Tap on the arrow on the bottom right and you’ll see the screen to add caption, tag people and even share it as a separate post on your Instagram feed!

Why is it relevant for Businesses?

Now that we know the alchemy behind creating Reels (evil laughter) let’s understand why it is a must-have tool in the arsenal of brands and influencers for their social media efforts?

You might be knowing that video content is a great way to grow business online. The journey of youtube is a perfect example and the same applies to Reels as well.

1) An Engagement Booster

Reels provide an opportunity for businesses for showcasing their products/services in a creative and unique manner. Brands have the option to amalgamate video text and music which gives them the option to experiment while creating content. Not only does it attract viewers and increase brand awareness but since people can like, share and comment on reels, it acts as an engagement booster.

2) Increases Reach

Since Reels is a relatively new feature, Instagram promotes a lot of them thereby increasing reach and attract newer audiences. Not only is there a dedicated Reels tab on the app but reels also get featured in the explore section which puts them in front of people who normally wouldn’t see your content! As you can see below, one of our recent reels received 2k views within the first 12 hours of posting (HURRAY!!!!)

3) Build Personal Brand

Reels is a fantastic way for individual content creators to build their personal brand. Just explore the reels tab and you’ll see personal brands sharing different reels which allows them to showcase their creativity to their target audience. People like to feel a “one on one” connection with the brand and Reels is just the tool for that!

Instagram Reels is surely here to stay and possesses an opportunity for brands to attract more audiences as well as engage the existing audience. Add to that the “favor” Reels is currently receiving from the Instagram algorithm makes it a must-use content creating tool for businesses to enhance their digital presence.

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