Boosting Instagram engagement

Easy tips for boosting Instagram engagements in 2021

Every month over 1 Billion people use Instagram. That means, most of the audience has now shifted to Instagram giving a fair chance to budding and existing companies to promote and showcase their products and services. Everybody wants to have followers in millions, likes in Ks, and increasing engagement on their channel.

As the number is rising each and every day, one may feel a bit compelled to get drawn towards boosting customer engagement. The basic measurement tools to gauge your engagement are comments, likes, and shares to prove that you are grabbing the audience’s attention. Apart from these metrics, one can also pay attention to other Instagram metrics like saves, no. of followers, tags, mentions, hashtags etc. to evaluate the quality of your Instagram engagement.

Remember, content that is genuine and fresh gets you more followers, likes and comments as nobody likes to glance at stale content. The key is to learn from experience which is in fact slow, but effective as wonders don’t happen in a day, they take time.

So here we have for you some tried and tested easy Instagram tips to boost engagement:

A. Relatable to the masses – Be one with them!

If you are on social media, it becomes important to be relatable to the masses. Sharing customer testimonials, brand stories and trendy posts make for content to which your audience can easily relate to. Remember – the more people relate to your brand the more engaging the content becomes.

McDonald’s India pulled a brilliant one here! Not only is the content relatable since choosing a “strong password” is something everyone has faced, but also the wordplay was used to put across their specialty in delivering great fries.

B. Carousel posts – A storytelling friend!

To be honest, no one has time to click or tap on that “Read more” option after the first two lines of your post caption. People like to swipe and that’s what the 3rd tip is about.

Carousels are the best way to build engagement and grab more attention than regular posts. Not only does it give a storytelling effect to your content, but with the right kind of post design, it can make the audience read through till the end – which is exactly what we expect as marketers!

Here’s a Carousel post by Mcdonalds India which showcases the journey since the lockdown began in India in a storytelling fashion.

C. Caption – Increase reach through those hashtags!

Let’s get on to one of the important parts of any post – caption. We very well know that Instagram gives you a limit of 2,200 characters in length and 30 hashtags – make the best use of it.

Writing humorous or simple captions not only grabs attention but also makes people connect with your brand and understand what you are trying to convey in your message. Relatable hashtags are a must to increase reach as most Instagram users follow hashtags too!

The post below is a good example of how Mcdonalds India used a simple relatable caption along with including industry-related hashtags to increase reach.

D. Instagram stories – your engagement booster!

Stories have an advantage over feed posts, reels and IGTV videos as they are placed in the topmost section which grabs attention the most! It is a well-known practice to share information about your products and services via stories as most people tend to buy and engage more via stories.

Here’s how Mcdonald’s India uses stories for sharing information on their new dishes.

Hope you enjoyed reading our list of quick & easy tips for boosting Instagram engagements. We would love to know your thoughts & AWESOME ideas too! Facing challenges promoting your brand and driving conversions? Let’s Talk!

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