Brand Building EPIC Framework

Brand Building – The EPIC Way!

Who doesn’t want their brand to be awesome? Well, it turns out that to make your brand epic, you need to follow the EPIC framework! It was developed by the Creative Shop team at Facebook and Instagram. EPIC stands for existence, purpose, Identity, and connection. These four pillars are crucial for brand building in the digital space.

Let’s dive into how you should incorporate each of these four pillars to establish a great social media presence for your brand.


The Existence pillar answers the question – ‘Who you are?’. It mainly focuses on why your business exists. Every company was started somewhere somehow by someone and there’s brand value to be found in each one of them. Your posts should tell your creation story –

  • when and where it was created,
  • what problem does your business solve and
  • who are the people behind the scene

Modern day consumers are not simply interested in buying goods and services, they want to connect with the brand!


The Purpose pillar talks about ‘What you do?’ and ‘Why you do it?’. It goes beyond the origin story and tries to explain why a business does what it does. Every business is built on a foundation of values and meaning. Since customers are seeking to engage with your brands, it’s important to articulate what you stand for. Your posts should not just be limited to promoting the goods and services but more importantly, it’s why you are here.

Showcase the meaning behind your existence besides turning a profit. By stating your values and what you stand for you define your audience – people you align with your vision.


The Identity pillar defines the visual look and feel of the brand. It includes the logo, the colour palette you’ve chosen, and also includes the typography. After all your brand doesn’t belong to you but exists in the mind of your consumers!

  • A logo is a condensed form of the brand’s idea put in a single image. Make sure it also communicates other aspects of the brand like innovation and tradition.
  • Choosing the right colour palette isn’t limited to just readability but also it should differentiate you from other products. There’s a whole psychology behind choosing the colours so make sure you pick those which align with your brand ideas.
  • Typography is another aspect of creating a brand’s visual identity. This will not only evoke a feeling, but create a kind of ecosystem for your brand.


The Connection pillar is all about the language and tone of voice associated with your brand. Much like the visual look and feel, your brand’s voice should reflect your story, purpose and values. Consumers have the power to choose who to travel with and brands have the responsibility to enable that connection.

Consider your target audience and what appeals to them while choosing a voice for your brand. Personifying your ideal customer will help to get a clear idea for your content creation. Add a picture of what your persona might look like as it makes it easier to define your tone of voice.

The EPIC framework provides a great roadmap to build your brand when considering social media marketing. While there are many strategies to sustain once a brand is established, the EPIC framework helps you create a brand from scratch.

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