Facebook Ads Mistakes

Are You Making These Facebook Ads Mistakes?

There are millions of active users on Facebook and it’s growing each year! As if that’s not enough to get you started on advertising on the platform, you can also run ads on Instagram through the Facebook Ads Manager. Chances are that you might be already doing so but not getting the desired results.

Let’s discuss some common mistakes that marketers make while running ads on Facebook.

1) Are You Having Clear Objectives?

Although this seems to be the first logical step to starting an advertising campaign, many small businesses and personal brands jump into running ads without a clear objective in mind!

Some advertising goals are as follows:

  • Generate leads for your product/service
  • Spread awareness and bring traffic to your website
  • New deal promotion

And many more…

Running a Facebook ad without a clear objective is throwing your marketing budget down the drain.

2) Are You Targeting The Right Audience?

Of course you might reach tens of thousands of people through Facebook ads campaigns but are they the right people to target?

Firstly, run an awareness campaign and engaging content to see the kind of audience that are interacting with your brand online. This allows you to get a good idea of the demographics of the people who are the right kind of audience. Target them with new deals and follow it up with retargeting ads for a better chance to increase conversions!

3) Are You Running Too Many Ads?

More ads ≠ More Conversions. Running too many ads not only makes it difficult to track the budget spend but also reduces creative efficiency.

Instead of dividing a little amount to too many ads, keep an ample budget for a few focused ads. This allows Facebook to boost your ad performance over time.

4) Are You Running Ads Only For “Sales”?

This is one the most obvious mistakes that even experienced marketers do and that is running ads only for the bottom of the sales funnel. There’s a reason it’s called the “Marketing funnel” because a person goes through a journey from being a prospect to becoming your customer.

There should be separate ads for the awareness stage (checklists, video ads, guides, etc.), consideration stage (demos, free trials, client testimonials) and decision stage (retargeting ads, limited period offers, etc.)

Don’t use ads for direct sales, use them as a bridge to connect with your audience to add value to their journey.

5) Are You Optimizing Your Ads For All Devices?

You might have created the perfect ad but it’s still not going to perform if it doesn’t appear the way it should on your audience’s device! Around 98% of active users on Facebook use it on their mobile devices. Needless to say, make sure your ads are optimized for mobile.

These size guides should help you while designing your creatives:

Facebook feed, search results:                               1080px X 1080px

Facebook Marketplace, Right Column:                  12000px X 1200px

Sponsored Message:                                              1200px X 628px

Facebook Stories:                                                   1080px X 1920px

Make sure you are not making these common Facebook ads mistakes and you’ll surely see some great improvements in your ROI. Another extremely important point to keep in mind is that ads need to be designed keeping in mind the customer’s journey hence not all ads will result into direct sales.

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