7 Key Tips To Boost Your Instagram Growth

7 Key Tips To Boost Your Instagram Growth!

The best way to start your Instagram growth journey is to start with the basics! The answer to building your Instagram audience and maximizing engagement often lies in simple activities that often go unnoticed.

It takes time to build a solid Instagram following, but by covering off on the basics, and building from there, you set yourself up with the best opportunity to maximize your return.

So here are 7 key tips to boost your Instagram growth:

1.) Bio – The Gate To Your Profile: Your Bio is the first thing that users see. It’s important that the bio gives a clear description of what you have to offer in an eye-catching manner!

2.) Profile Theme: It is always good to have a color scheme going for your profile. It could be as simple as designing all posts with the color scheme of your brand. This makes the viewing experience seamless and interesting.

3.) Being Consistent: Consistency is key for Instagram growth! It is important to show up regularly even though not all your posts will perform great.

4.) What’s Your Story?: Instagram Stories are an amazing way to give a sneak peek and behind the scene view to your followers. Posting stories regularly is a great way to build engagement.

5.) Engaging Captions: It is very important to use your caption space wisely. Use captions to continue the message you wanted to convey in your post.

6.) Reel Your Way!: Reels are currently the best way to boost your profile views and we can’t stress it enough! The consumption of short video content has skyrocketed thanks to tiktok and Reels takes advantage of just that. Use reels to make entertaining short videos related to your niche. Don’t forget to use popular audio clips 🙂

7.) Are You Hashtaging It Right?: Probably one of the most underrated parts of Instagram is Hashtags. Using the right hashtags boosts the reach of your content! You can use up to 30 hashtags in a post. Use hashtags that are related to your niche, product/services you offer, demographics you serve, etc.

Following these basic steps will surely pave your path to Instagram growth. Do remember that there is no overnight success on Instagram (unless you go viral due to some reason). Consistency and value adding content is the key! Marketing experts also suggest that Instagram gives priority to profiles that use all the features, especially the new ones, which broadens your potential reach.

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