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5 Ways to Engage With Your Audience

Social media is a great way to capture your audience, but you must be smart in how you use it. You still need to understand your audience and create content that is specifically geared towards them. Review these tips to make the most of all social media and engage with your audience. 

 1. Build A Sense of Community

If you can introduce yourself to your potential customers in a personal way, they will already feel more eager to do business with you. Instead of keeping information on your website and social media pages purely professional, add a tasteful personal touch to it. For instance, tell people why you are passionate about the service of the product you are marketing. How do you build a community? The same way that you get to know someone new in real life. Just think about the usual social protocol when you meet someone new at a party. You will want to get to know them, by asking a few personal questions. Try to follow the same steps for your business.

2. Share Exclusive Content or Offers

To engage with your audience online, think outside the virtual world box. There’s nothing like the VIP treatment to make people feel special. Even something small like a 10% off coupon for new newsletter subscribers can do the trick. Or consider releasing exclusive content or deals on your website for a limited time only. Keep people in the loop with a timely email, or social media post. This way you kill two birds with one stone. Firstly, you engage with your audience online, and secondly you create more loyalty when they regularly visit your website or social media pages.

3. Host an Event

This doesn’t have to be a real-world event. Create a webinar or use a service like It’s a great way for your customers to engage with your company, plus you are also offering them an opportunity to network with other customers.

If your company offers local services or products, hosting a real event can be a great way for you to transition from the virtual world into the real world, offering your customers a chance to engage with you face to face. Both types of events create a great sense of community, as well as making people feel important because they were specifically invited. Also look out for trade show or exhibition opportunities in your industry.

4. Encourage sharing.

An important piece of social media marketing is encouraging your customers to share their experience, which builds your audience. Livecube makes social media sharing a game during live events and rewards your customers for discussing your event or product. It also makes it easier for your customers to navigate your live event. If your business has live, in-person events, Livecube is certainly a useful tool.

5. Listen and be responsive.

There was a time when people would give you 24 hours to respond to a request. That time is long gone. We live in a world where the expectation is an immediate response. You must plan to respond to the needs and requests from your users. You will lose them if you do not. Making sure they enjoy their experience is only half the battle. You must also make sure that you listen and respond to them, as well as thank those who repost or like your posts. If you recognize them publicly, you are more likely to turn them into your biggest cheerleaders.

So start engaging with your audience ASAP! 

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