5 Instagram metrics you are not capturing

5 Instagram Metrics You Probably Aren’t Capturing!

People generally just stick to the number of likes, comments and followers to measure their profile’s performance. But what if we told you there are certain metrics that you should be measuring to have a better picture of your marketing efforts?

Here are 5 unique metrics that you probably are not capturing:

1. Profile Conversion Rate

This measures the percentage of people visiting your profile that convert into followers.


(Followers/Profile visits) x 100

Good conversion rate?

Ideal conversion rate is around 15%. The higher the better!

2. Non-Follower Reach

This measures the reach of the post to non followers.


Total reach of the Post x Non-Followers reach %

Non-Followers reach% can be found by tapping on the “View Insights” option on your post and scrolling down to the “Discovery” section as shown in the image below. This Metric is important as it shows a post’s reach to people who don’t follow you but can be your potential followers.

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Instagram Metrics you are not capturing

This metric shows that people are viewing your posts in the explore section and under relevant hashtags!

3. Profile Visit Rate

This measures the percentage of post reach that lead to profile visits.


(Profile visits/Non-follower reach) x 100

Good Conversion rate?

For new profiles (less than 3 months old) – 6%

For older profiles – 8%

A good profile visit rate means non followers are finding your content interesting!

4. Post Conversion Rate

This measures the percentage of profile visits generated by the post that converted into followers.


(Follows from the post/Profile visits) x 100

Good conversion rate?

Ideal conversion rate is around 15%. The higher the better!

This metric shows what type of posts are drawing more followers to your profile. This might help you focus more on such content type and discover patterns.

5. Total Engagement Rate

This measures the percentage of total engagement out of total impressions of a post.


(Total Engagement/Post impressions) x 100

Good engagement rate?

The ideal engagement rate ranges from 20% to 40%.

Do note that the engagement rate tends to fall with the increasing number of followers. Higher engagement rate means your content is providing value to your followers, try and experiment with such content!

Measuring these metrics would help you find out what works and what doesn’t for your profile. These metrics also help you in A/B testing and finalize on the type of content you should go ahead with. What other metrics do you capture for your profile?

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