Things Not To Do While Writing An Email Subject Line

4 Things “Not” To Do While Writing An Email Subject Line

Have you ever wondered, what challenges you face the most when it comes to email marketing? It’s not the content, but how do you make your target audience open that email! Subject lines of the email play a very important role whenever we talk about email marketing. Grabbing your potential lead’s attention can be a very difficult task at times. As businesses are now trying to reach people at large,  masses are getting to know about all the tricks we have been using to compel our target customers to engage with us. 

So here we are with 4 things you definitely should not do while writing a subject line for that awesome email of yours! (drumroll…)

1. Using Markers Like “RE:”, “FWD:”

These words in a subject line are mainly used to make someone believe that you already were in a conversation with them which could generate interest. But on the other hand, this tested and plotted trick doesn’t work since our mail inboxes are flooded with such emails. Hence, there’s a strong possibility that the mail must have been moved to spam before it actually got opened.

Subject Markers

Solution: try to avoid this approach and come up with something which is rather promising 🙂

2. Using ALL CAPS (So Annoying)

To make the subject more visible and attractive, marketeers often write the subject line in all capital letters, which is a BIG BLUNDER! Not only it looks unprofessional but also looks like a spam email. People usually understand that this type of mail is all that they DON’T want.

All Caps

Solution: Use sentence case or title case instead of all caps if you really have a thing for capital letters 🙂

3. Using Spam Trigger Words

Many a time, it’s the “special words” in the subject line that you use to attract attention, which brings doom to your email marketing efforts. Words like “80% off”, “Free cash”, “Guaranteed satisfaction” trigger spam filters. This is especially applicable in the case of cold email outreach where the prospect hasn’t opted in to receive email notifications from you.

Spam Trigger

Here’s a comprehensive list of such trigger words:

Solution: Avoid trigger words for cold email outreach. Instead, use humor and puns to catch attention 🙂

4. Using Uncontrolled Exclamation Points!!!

A commonly observed mistake is the use of exclamation to generate excitement !!!!!! Guess what? The spam filters don’t get excited at all and treat such unnecessary exclamation points as a ticket to send your email flying to the spam box.

Email subject lines

Solutions: Keep the subject line simple and avoid the use of exclamation unless absolutely necessary, in which case, stick to just a single exclamation mark 🙂

These were some quick points to note while writing your next subject line for your email campaign. Don’t forget to save the list of spam trigger words and keep your subject lines witty, humorous & simple.

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