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Social media trends rarely stay the same from year-to-year. That’s just the nature of social itself, right?

As a marketer or someone who is looking to build their brand it’s essential to learn about these trends and apply to your brand and there’s perhaps no better time than now to refocus and reflect on how your company approaches social media moving forward.

Let’s look at 4 social media trends that you just can’t overlook.

1. Live Video

Why? Because Videos > Images. 

Consumers love it. Research shows that 80% of audiences prefer watching live video from brands as opposed to reading a blog. And 82% of consumers say they would rather watch live videos than read social media posts.

As a result, the most popular social media channels have implemented live streaming options and brand marketers  are taking advantage of this. Start going live on all your distribution channels. Respond to user comments in real time.

This will help you maximize your reach and generate new leads for your company.

2. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is not a new trend, but it is one that is going to stay for a while. Social media today is dominated by influencers who are getting paid exorbitant amounts to promote brands. 

The adoption of this trend can be seen from both perspectives. One can be seen by the sheer rise in the number of influencers on social media. Second can be seen by the increase in marketing spend on influencer marketing by businesses.

Investing in influencers is much cheaper than running paid ad campaigns and yet it delivers good results. Moreover, influencers can help marketers achieve a variety of marketing goals and not just generate leads. These are the two main reasons why it has become so popular and is continuously getting stronger and bolder.

Marketers are not just collaborating with 1-2 influencers now, but are working with a whole network of small, relevant, niche influencers. These kinds of influencers get much higher engagement and cost much less. Going forward, more and more marketers will use this strategy and work with multiple smaller influencers instead of one celebrity.

3. Ephemeral Content

If you haven’t heard of ephemeral content before, it doesn’t mean you’re not familiar with it.

The definition of ephemeral content is something that is short-lived, lasting for up to 24 hours before  disappearing forever. Of course, we’re referring to things like Snapchat and Instagram stories. After Snapchat came up with this concept, Instagram quickly recognized its popularity and implemented it on its platform as well.

The reason why short-lived content is so popular is because people feel that it is more authentic compared to a traditional sponsored advertisement. Users love it and add such content to their personal profiles on a daily basis. But brands need to take advantage of this as well.

It’s a great alternative to live video streaming, but it has similar effects.It’s an opportunity for you to post several times throughout a day without spamming your followers’ timelines.

For example, you may not want to post five pictures and videos per day on Instagram. Users who follow you may get pestered by your continuous posting.  In fact, posting too frequently can cause people to unfollow your profile. 

4. Chatbots

Internet chatbots have been around for a long time. They go all the way back to the days of AOL instant messenger. But like everything else, they are evolving. Now chatbots are being integrated with social media platforms.

Businesses are using chatbots to communicate with their customers on social media. This trend is growing at a rapid rate. It’s a winning solution that’s a cost-effective alternative to paying real customer support representatives.

 It’s estimated that chatbots are going to save businesses in the healthcare and banking industries a whopping $8 billion per year by the year 2022. That’s compared to $20 million in 2017.

Sure, nothing can replace the personal touch of a human response ( not yet, who knows what the future holds?) But these chatbots out there right now are certainly doing well.

So, now that you know what’s been cooking on social and you even know what’s here to stay then let’s get to work! 


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