10 Powerful words you must use in your next copy

As Gary Halbert, one of the most inspiring copywriters believed – “the written word is the strongest source of power in the entire universe”- this statement stands true in every sense.  

Copywriting acts as a heartbeat in the process of selling. Throughout the day, we come across zillions of words, whether we are scrolling through our Instagram feed or we are looking for our favorite product on Amazon. What compels us to buy and take action are the words. 

For you, we have gathered here a list of the 10 most powerful words which can compel the reader to take action and get those conversions running. 

Hey! There’s something new for you!

  1. Discover
  2. Explore

These words introduce the reader to something new. Something which they haven’t seen or read before. What makes people read that blog or article is the idea of “knowing more”

This makes the reader more intrigued and compels him to look into your piece of copy and hit that action button- after all, that’s what we needed right? 

Make sure you’ve got something worthy for the customers who are seeing your content.

A touch of scarcity

  1. Quick
  2. Hurry up

The fear of losing an opportunity makes you value every bit of it. It is often seen that scarcity gives rise to the need for buying.  

Using these words can drive the need and make the customers take a valid action. 

You are a part of the club now

  1. Members-only
  2. Be one of the few

Being a part of something makes you feel exclusive and safe from any kind of risk that comes with using a product or service for the first time. So, that’s the psychology behind using these two phrases. 

It makes your new and existing clients feel that being a member of your cluster has many benefits than being just another customer who came up to you. It gives them a sense of being unique and special.

Give them value, they’ll come back

  1. Cancel Anytime
  2. Try before you buy

Do you know why so many OTT platforms are running successfully today? – let us tell you why; because you can use those platforms for free for some time and cancel the membership anytime.

As we say in marketing, give them value and they will hold your hand. Giving your customers an option to explore your product and services gives them a chance to build trust in you. 

Using these two phrases builds a trust factor in your audience and keeps them coming back to you for more.

Why O Why!!

  1. Because
  2. Due to

If you want them to hit the “buy now” or “Click here” button you need to tell them, why? Giving a reason is the foundation of your engagement with the customers.

People don’t take action just like that, they need a basis for any action they take. So next time you write a copy, make sure you explain the “why” part. 

The last word:

After you start using these words in your copy, make sure to go through the insights. There may be some words that may not work for you at all, and some which will help you engage with your customers more and get those numbers moving. Always remember, as to where you are using these words in your copy – Headline, body, email subjects, or call to action.

You may figure out some new words that may be working for you, don’t forget to make your own list, after all, it’s only words and words are what we have to make them take action.

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